"As easy as a paperclip !"

Jean-Marie Blanc, Director of Hôtel Ampère 4* in Paris

Install Fixacouette :

Fixacouette includes a device for the right and left side of the bed, indicated with an engaved L and R. Each device is attached via two screws to the underside of the bed frame near the headboard.

See the assembly instructions

Prepare Fixacouette :

Leave at least 10 cm between the bed and the nightstand.

Once the bed has been made, Fixacouette folds back under the bed frame.

Adjust Fixacouette :

Fixacouette has three different settings to adapt to the height of your mattress and duvet cover.

Simply adjust the arm so that the clamp reaches the edge of your duvet.

Bedskirts :

Your beds have bedskirts ?
No problem !

Fixacouette has a small metal plate to accommodate the bedskirt and avoid ruffling or pinching the skirt in the device.
Once Fixacouette has been stowed under the bed, the bedskirt hangs freely.

Use Fixacouette :

1) Removing the duvet cover

Removing the duvet cover has never been easier!
Pinch one corner of the cover in either the left or right Fixacouette.
Once the duvet cover is secured, gently pull the duvet out.

See the instructions for use

2) Putting on a new duvet cover

Make the bed in the blink of an eye - with no creases or wrinkles ! Fixacouette encourages healthy posture; the housekeeper works with her back up straight and arms low.
Prepare the first corner (cover and duvet) and insert it into the pinching device of the first Fixacouette.
Once it is securely in place, switch to the opposite side of the bed and repeat.
Push down on the corner of the mattress when pinching the second Fixacouette.
The system locks in place as the mattress pushes back up. Finish at the foot of the bed by stretching the duvet and cover out over the mattress.

See the instructions for use

Demo :

This demo video illustrates how Fixacouette is used to remove the duvet cover and then remake the bed.

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